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Sex in the eyes of R. Kelly

    R. Kelly’s Black Panties album is the latest drop in the R&B world, and I’m not really quite sure how I feel about it. Besides, sneaking in my older brother’s room during my teenage years, and instantly surprised at what I saw sitting on his TV screen was enough to wound my prior perception of the R&B legend. Although I shouldn’t have even been exposed to something like that, sadly enough I saw everything that I needed to see. Please keep in mind that I was just 15, and my body frame looked very similar to the young girl’s I visually saw naked on the tape, being urinated on. The tape left me with a warped vision of this “man” whom everyone adored. For years my parents, aunts, and uncles nicknamed R. Kelly’s music ‘baby making’ music, but at that moment, I felt gross and uneasy. I couldn’t wrap my mind around his sexual classic songs anymore, because in my mind I’d take the lyrics totally offensive.

    Since the beginning of the 90’s Robert Kelly has dropped those sexual albums and songs, describing sexual acts that that those who enjoy ‘freaky’ sexual behavior sort of crave. So while sex is a mature subject, I’m not quite sure that I’m sold on his delivery. The singer’s new album isn’t any different than his 11 prior albums. This Black Panties album’s artwork is one thing, the track list titles are another, and the content of the songs are the last but not least.

    First of all, I’ll never state that R. Kelly isn’t talented. It’s factual that R. Kelly has influenced the sounds of many today, including those like The Dream, K.Michelle, and others. If I stated that the forty-six year old artist is not talented, it would untrue and an underrated opinion. R. Kelly has a way of singing about absolutely anything, and making it run together perfectly. Yes, I will give him that no question. My only beef with the Black Panties album is the maturity level.

    I’m 31 and R. Kelly has been around since I was 12 years old. Noting about his music has matured; in fact, they’ve gotten more immature to me. R. Kelly is probably at the top of the food chain of R&B artists, and at one time he did attempt to inspire people with his music and choose an appropriate level of maturity. I’m afraid that the only inspiration he’ll provide to those coming behind him, are songs on ‘showing p*ssy’, ‘throwing money’, and turning up. Tracks like ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ and ‘Happy People’ were still classic R. Kelly songs but they talked about things of substance. So, Kelly is capable, but all I perceived from this album is that he’s trying to hold down some ‘young hip persona’.  It’s 2013 and the Black Panties album, coming from this middle aged man is full of nothingness. I’m sorry. Don’t shoot the reviewer. I would actually love to relate to R.Kelly’s music.

    Now, maybe I’m biased because of the sex tape, and I can honestly state that I wished I never saw it. Maybe my attitude about how immature R. Kelly’s song topics would change slightly, and then again, maybe not.  One may take what I’m saying in an evil light, interpreting me to be saying that because of his age, Kelly has to present ‘mature’ music all the time. No, I’m not saying that entirely, but mature topics would be sort of expected from someone with a 20 year age lead on most R&B artists out here today. Plus, with so much experience in the industry, I’d think things would be a little bit more ‘adult’. It would be the greatest bonus, to have someone who was present in the early 90’s provide musical realisms about life, love, relationships and sex.

    Is it wishful thinking to hope that R. Kelly could create music that could actually teach younger generations coming behind them, what real love, relationships, and life is really about?  If you’re looking for that type of project, you won’t find it via forty-six year old R. Kelly’s Black Panties. Some of the titles of the songs include: Leg Shake (ft. Ludacris), Cookie, Throw This Money on You, Marry the P*ssy, Show Ya P*ssy, and others. As for the entire album review, its production and sound is immaculate.

    Robert Kelly is sort of king of the industry when it comes to R&B so that’s expected. I will give him that. The interlude right before ‘Marry the P*ssy’ is one that includes R. Kelly is another immature addition, but I suppose that’s what ‘fans’ want from Kellz. One track from the album that did present realistic point of views was ‘Shut Up’, and even within its childish title, it actually has substance lyric-wise.

    I could state this like many: ‘This is the R. Kelly we’re used to’, but I believe that as fans grow older artists should mature their music, for those fans who stuck in there with them. Just my thoughts though. Here is another scary thought: a Christmas album from R. Kelly is on the way. Let that sink in. Feedback welcomed.