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Spotlight: Maximillian Lee Like This

    Every once in a while, there comes along an undeniable musical talent that starts from a small spark and evolves into a blazing inferno that sweeps through the music industry like wildfire. South Florida soul child Maximillian is the flickering flame just waiting to ignite and catch ablaze.

    The Only In America Music Group artist has already been heating up the streets of the Sunshine State with a few hot mix tapes, but the fire can no longer be contained.  He is now ready to burn up the charts and the industry with his forthcoming EP Only In America: Volume 1.  Max will soon take over hip-hop with a string of tracks from the EP, which include “Like This,” “Ah Man,” and “Check.”  “Every time I come, I give them something new to rock to, a different vibe,” explains Maximillian. “My music will never sound the same or like anything else out there. There are several dimensions to my music.”

    Born Maximillian Lee in Cleveland, young Max was raised in Palm Beach County, Florida.  His family relocated to the Sunshine State when he was seven years old. The grandson of legendary boxing promoter Don King, Max never went without necessities, but wasn’t fed with a platinum spoon, either.  “My granddaddy is not the kind of man who just hands out money,” explains Max. “He’s very respectful, honorable, and savvy.  It has to be for a good cause because he holds you fully accountable.”  The iconic and charismatic King says, “Maximillian is an undisputed hip hop heavyweight.  From a young age, I knew he was very gifted and talented.  And I’m not just saying that because he’s my grandson.  I hail from Cleveland, the home of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame; so in addition to boxing, I also know good music.  Maximillian delivers a sweet lyrical science.”

    Raised in the predominately middle class area of Nautical Sound, Max’s closest friends lived in the nearby, more ethnic neighborhoods.  It was during his middle school years and while spending most of the time in these more racially diverse communities that Max first discovered the art of rapping.  “Once I started going to school, I saw my friends rapping, beating on the tables,” he remembers. “That’s when I fell in love with it. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.”  After spending time in the studio to record his first song, Max was then hooked for life. “I fell in love with recording, writing my own verse and seeing the whole creative process come alive.  It’s like creating your own baby.”

    Max later distributed homemade mix tapes around school and created a local buzz.  As his popularity was building, he suffered a setback, which resulted in a seven month stint at a juvenile boot camp detention facility.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t his last bout with the law, as he found himself right back behind bars shortly after.  Over the next few years, Max put music on hold, until recently and now, he’s returned with the fire in his eyes.  “My time away, helped me to get re-focused and put things back in perspective,” Max contends.  His grandfather continues, “The two things that I respect most about him, is that after being knocked down twice in life, each time, he didn’t stay down, he got up swinging!  Secondly, he has yet to ask me for anything as far as advancing his career.  He’s willing to put in the hard work and get it himself.”

    He intends on giving his fans an indulgence of nourishment with his forthcoming EP Only In America: Vol. 1.  “I’ve given them a taste, but I haven’t fed them the main course yet,” says Max. “And that’s what I’m about to do right now.  My sound is different, unique. It’s original. It’s all me. My appeal, my appearance, and my voice, people will have no other choice but to love me,” he adds. “The world needs to be ready for me as I’m ready for them.”

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