Born and raised in the quiet but trying neighborhood of Notre Dame De Grace (NDG), Taigenz (born Tamfu Terry Ngala) was the unique talent waiting to be discovered; or in his case, waiting for an opportunity to rise to his aspirations. Taigenz attended, French public school, Westminster elementary. He is a genuine artist; and such composers are hard to find. Master of his craft, he creates and produces his own lyrics to further personalize his songs, which is rare in comparison to most musicians now days. His limericks are infused with profound meanings and symbolism, and such compacted music is used to teach and exude excitement.

The Passion

Master at his craft, he began writing his rhythms and rhyme schemes at the age of 11. In grade seven, Taigenz had his first performance at Mont-Royal High School; and this, not only solidified his intentions of becoming a rapper but, was a major encouragement for his developing music career. Shocked at the acknowledgment received from peers, teachers, and numerous local figures, Taigenz was intent on making his fans proud; at that moment, it was clear that a star had been born. Since then, he’s done numerous community shows, talent shows, fashion shows and performed at numerous clubs.

Creative Mind Leads to Unique Material

An outstanding memory and creative mind are two qualities that enable Taigenz to perfect his music. He creates material, based on personal experiences. His stories evoke emotions that relate to the general public. Taigenz is influenced by major established artists like Eminem, 50 Cent & Nas as well J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Drake from the new school roster.
He found his own identity and continues to challenge and pursue it. An example would be Eminem’s ability to connect with his fans with his powerful voice and lyrics which left a heavy impression on him.


A Genuine Artist

Real artists understand that real music contains a message, and for that message to be effective the consumers need to connect with the musician; the relationship is reciprocal, and understanding this, Taigenz has produced material that people respect and respond to in absolute awe.


At the age of 13 he, along with close friends, created the “Black Glovez” group; and together, they have been promoting themselves to increase popularity within the city of Montreal and nationally. As a group, they have opened up for New Boyz, Wiz Khalifa, and Big Krit. He also recently opened up for Canibus, Sweatshop Union and went solo on a 3 city tour as an opener for Bronze Nazareth.


At the age of 16, Taigenz compiled his first project titled “First Impressions;” as an upcoming artist, and intending to make a splash, Taigenz, chose to cover a topic that is important in daily life, especially in the music industry. First impressions can either make or break a person’s livelihood; therefore Taigenz chose to deal with that issue in his music. pastedGraphic_4.pdf

Made In Muntree

The lively city of Montreal contains enumerable amounts of talent; Taigenz is one of them and he intends to make his way to the top. In order to remain in the public eye, Taigenz spent the summer of 2008 promoting his music career and his ‘’First Impressions’’ project. As an artist, he wants to be involved with his fans and the general public. To remain in touch he has blogs and websites for people to download his music; and most importantly to connect with him on a personal level. Thus he created Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and soundcloud profiles for viewers to contact him and grow his internet presence, which is vital in today’s music industry.

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