Not just an astute name, the term Zoumpa is more than the union of the Zouk and Kompa musical genres. When defining Zoumpa as an album, it would be best to compare it to rum infused with various flavors. Although each track takes on its very own sweetness; some have the persona of a thick and creamy Kahlua. Whereas the others are light, fruity and reminiscent of your favorite daiquiri. Zoumpa is an upcoming original musical genre that blends Guadeloupe and Martinique sounds from Africa with both R&B soul and hip-hop flair. However, the island influence on the Zoumpa album is unmistakable.

Creators of Zoumpa, The Global Zoe and “V.I. Jah” were said to have been looking to create “World Music” when they created the album. It is safe to say that the reggae-soul hip-hop duo has accomplished their goal. An album for lovers and those seeking a genuine Caribbean vibe is what one will find when they decide to indulge in this new genre of Zoumpa music.

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