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Spotlight: To Boosie from Bush Baby – Rap Rehab

    Born and raised in Natchitoches, Louisiana about three hours north of Baton Rouge, Bush Baby had an early love for hip-hop.  It wasn’t until high school when he started gravitating towards southern bounce/jig music hailing from New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Lil Boosie quickly became one of his favorite rappers.  Bush Baby says this:

    “Man, I lived and breathed Boosie’s music.  He was so passionate and I loved the storytelling.  Out of all the rappers I listened to, I felt more connected to him and his music.  He had a major impact on how I lived my life at that time. It’s crazy because I can still quote some of his songs from start to finish.  It’s like they’re embedded in my brain.  Music is powerful and it can have that affect on people.  Now being older and putting things in perspective, I can see how his music is still impacting the culture and people that I know who are traveling down the same road I once was on.  After his legal struggles and being sentenced to Angola Prison, it was always on my heart to write him just to reach out to him and let him know how his music impacted and affected my life.   I started writing the letter and it evolved into a song.   I thought it would be cool for him to read it in that format, but what you hear is what I sent him on paper.  I wanted to encourage him and remind him of the major influence he has on young people whether it be positive or negative and as artists, we have a huge responsibility on how we lead others because we are leaders and role models.  Man!  There is no doubt that Boosie is gifted from God.  The same way he influenced me to do things I did in the streets, he can use that to transform people’s lives in a positive way.”

    After having legal troubles of his own and being shot in the chest, Bush Baby has made changes in his life and music.  Now he shares his heart on life, faith, change, redemption, and everyday struggles people deal with through music.  He has purposed and made a commitment to do all he can to help change this generation. Bush Baby will be releasing his debut album entitled The Idol Factory in the summer of 2013.



    For more on Bush Baby visit his site.