Our Q&A with the MC Media Group

The MC Media Group is the fusion of various elements within media; with a focus on music and the independent artist.  While the “MC” stands for the first letter in each owner’s name it also symbolizes the eMCee.  And in this case, the eMCee is portrayed as  ANY creative person who voices their opinion and creativity through an artistic platform.

What is your company’s mission statement? 

We are an independent source for the independent artist. We seek and focus on the indie artist’s growth and success without the aid of a major label backing.

What services do you provide?

We provide: publicity, social media promotion, artist management, artist development, music production, audio engineering, events, publishing, graphic design and writing services. We also launched our own publication that features independent artists of all genres and platforms.

What separates you from similar companies?

We provide complete, hands-on guidance throughout every step of the career development process. We are realistically affordable without compromising our work’s quality and commitment. In some cases, we also perform non-profit work. Also, being versatile and having the unique experiences we’ve had, we have a better understanding of what’s needed to succeed as an independent artist, today. Our network of contacts is also extensive and has an overall track record of being successful. While being disciplined and professional, we also have a very down-to-earth and personalized approach with each client/artist we work with. We specialize in all facets of the arts without restricting our clients to that particular aspect of culture. For example, our connections with sports publications, non-profit organizations and more.

Where are you guys based?

We are based out of New York City. However, our client/artist base extends nation-wide. We are also looking internationally for artists to represent, brands to affiliate with and individuals to mentor.

Your a brand new company. What are your plans for growth?

The MC Media group was a fusion of two separate entities; joining forces in January of 2013. Collectively, their experience spans 7 years. As for growth, we’ve hired individuals we can mentor and assist us with various duties. In doing so, we look to expand our reach in terms of scouting, content and exposure. The individual success of our artists also contributes to our company’s growth.

What is the company’s vision? 

To see and breed more well-informed independent artists who don’t depend on the mainstream appeal for their success.

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