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The Open Letter to Jimmy Iovine

    Before I begin with this indirect, yet very direct letter to Jimmy Iovine, I would like to congratulate Mr. Iovine on his many accomplishments in the music industry. I must also point out that I personally feel that some of my writing and production is a part of what helped build the Interscope Records empire. In 1991, I wrote and produced a few songs for the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch project, including the platinum ‘Good Vibrations’, the gold ‘Wildside’, and more songs from the platinum album ‘Music for the People’. At that time, we were proud to offer music that was created specifically for the radio, and for teaching Mark Wahlberg’s followers the spiritual principles Hip-Hop Culture what Peace, Unity, Love and Havin’ Fun.

    I could never take away the entertainment value of an artist’s record, no matter the subject matter. However, when our brother Chief Keef announced that his next album would: “Raise the murder rate up”, Jimmy Iovine should have immediately made a statement to counter this threat on young black males. Ironically, the first person to be murdered in that circle is Chief Keef’s cousin ‘Blood Money’ (Mario Hess). Who killed him? Nobody knows. But spiritually, Chief Keef and Jimmy Iovine killed him. Because the tongue speaks life and death, we all know that.

    Mr. Iovine, you have given many artists a way out of the so-called ‘hood, and most of these artists probably grew up as I have… fatherless. You, as a grown man should at least speak some life into these impressionable young people. Instead, you throw them a few thousand dollars and let them run free to “raise the murder rates” in their perspective cities. Mr. Iovine, are these artists aware of your contractual clause concerning ‘cutout’ songs, and unreleased materials? Are these artists aware that – should they die – all of their materials will be released anyway? And that you will be the sole owner, should they fail to have a clause in the agreement addressing their estates or beneficiaries?

    Mr. Iovine, you and I both know the death of Mr. Mario Hess reached the headlines, as most murders in Chicago does. You and I both know this equals a big paycheck for you. There is absolutely nothing you have to do to promote Mr. Hess’ AKA Blood Money’s album. Your 88% of any sales will benefit the machine called Interscope, and you will continue to live unaffected by this unfortunate situation. I pray for Chief Keef and his family during these trying times, and I pray for you, Mr. Iovine.

    That God show you a mirror and that you see where you are failing young black men every day. What’s interesting is when Tupac Shakur was alive, you were the same machine behind the supposed ‘east coast-west coast beef’. More interesting, is once Tupac and Biggie were murdered, you drop single denouncing violence with Dr. Dre as the artist. And Dre further pushed the message to the masses by making public statements that it “is just entertainment. Not true”. Very interesting. Dre, you only said that to make sure nobody came at you. People love Pac, and you know that.

    Let’s see, I know first hand how much you, Mr. Iovine, feared our brother Suge Knight. I know first hand how much you fought to get him out of the Interscope house. You couldn’t see young black men owning anything and running anything. How can you make money off any living, breathing, and intelligent black men? And if you don’t believe that, let’s talk rapper 50 Cent, another intelligent black man, who wasn’t having any of your nonsense. Well, Mr. Iovine, when I helped create the brand we call “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch”, now known worldwide as Mark Wahlberg, I breathed life into lyrics. We promoted peace and unity through that artist, and you already know Interscope is still winning from that CD. Ironically, your rapper (emcee) Emenem’s music doesn’t promote gang violence either. Is it just a coincidence that both your white rappers are also movie stars and filthy rich, and not dead due to gang violence?

    Here’s what I propose Interscope Records do: since you’re so damned real, put some money into Chicago and help promote mental health awareness. Mr. Iovine, did you know that gang life is slow suicide? Lastly, Mr. Iovine… do you care about black life? Or should we just name you “Blood Money?”

    That young man’s blood is on your hands.

    Get at me


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