The winner of “The RapRehab Next Great MC Search’ is Eons D. We would like to thank Dres of Black Sheep fame  for being our Celebrity judge, Here’s some info on our winner EONS D:

Eons D is more than your average rapper trying to blow up with a pop rap single and cash in. He is in the hip-hop game on a mission to add dimension to the genre of music he has had love for since he started listening to rap as a kid growing up in St. Petersburg, FL. Whether spitting about zombies in his single “Woodbury” or reminiscing about pharaohs in Egypt on his allegorical cut “Just a Dreamer”, Eons D raises the intellectual bar a bit higher with an appeal to the thinking music lover. With his critically-acclaimed Spring 2013 single “Chill”, he greets listeners with a flow that is less slick and more about lyrical substance brushed with charm.

“I have convictions about how the world should be and what human life should consist of,” Eons D says, “…my art isn’t as much a push to bring that about as it is a product of that worldview. “

And, his convictions play out through the music with a mellow fire that has won praise from fans of his stage shows and recordings. The rap blog held Eons D in the spotlight with his single “Chill” which the blog calls “…one of the best singles of the year” and heralded the Fall 2013 remix of “Chill” featuring Eons D alongside rappers Deraj, Justhoughtz, Johnson Jerrell & Knaladeus as “…simply put an incredible remix with some truly talented emcees.”

Eons D’s sound is heavily influenced by soul music and he credits his gospel-infused upbringing with inspiring many of his musings about religion, relationships and the world in general. He also composes his music and writes his lyrics to engage the listener in an interactive sermon of emotion. “I strive for excellence in art because I believe that art glorifies the Creator,” he says.  “With my lyrics, I want to affect the way people think and evoke an emotional response.”

Eons D