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To The Poor Black Americans

    If any of you take the time to read this, it will surprise many of us.  Even though I’m quite sure that many of you will not — there are a few things to be said directly to you. After all, many of you have already come to grips with our ‘plan’. There are certain things and ideas about being ‘Black in America’ that you may not have known, but you now may as well accept to be your truth, from this point forward.

    Dear Poor Black Americans, we have handicapped you – for an unlimited period of time. We’ve even put you into your own sanction of shame, disgust, avoidance, and ridicule. Even your ‘elite’ brothers and sisters with some common sense of getting education and attempt to better their lives as much as possible – while being black – don’t want anything to do with you or your offspring.

    See, we’ve managed to bring along the entire world onto our wave of ideas and views, by allowing them to witness you, on media clips, act savagely built as the inhuman bottom feeders you truly are – sucking the economy dry of its resources. Even if you are just the ‘minority’ in population counts, they still believe us – that YOU are the problem.

    You’ve fell clumsily to the very bottom of this true American food chain, while we watch, with joyous eyes, ‘your starving brothers and sisters’ feed off of one another, taking lives, taking self-esteem, self-worth and any sense of unity amongst themselves.

    Your strength is diminishing, becoming more and more non-existent as time goes by. The only leaders we will allow you to have are those leaders who compromise with our unjust decisions on legalities. See, what you enjoy as your ‘music culture’, we’ve had our hands in the entire time – molding it into the most pitiful art of expression only allowing the lyrics of ‘black race degrade’ and ‘illogical ideas on what to do with wealth’ touch your stereos; leaving you with only slim pickings of ‘empowering’ music. That’s what you all call hip hop, while we use it as a hypnotizing tool.

    Disease and drugs have wild fired in the places your kids must grow up, with happy smiling faces and be inspired. That’s our way of making them numb to hope. We’ve intoxicated their innocent child imaginations with spoiled imagery of role models, allowing the mentally ill to walk and pace the streets indulging in alcohol abuse and drug activity. We put in front of them broken communities with park equipment that needs restoration; symbolizing the wear and tear we’re putting on their child hood play.

    We sat here in silence, and watched as asylums and mental institutions closed, because well, those funds were only aiding your ‘livelihood’. We don’t really care if your leaders or elders become mentally sick, because that plays right into our game.

    It’s better to see them all scatter and wonder into your communities streets, making you have to deal with their onsets of mental illnesses. That assists us heavily with making you more dependent on our self-sabotaging built machines. We’ve won, because we’ve raped your consciences of hope, and now we have your own carrying out our duties of harm. We will take your life at any age – and in any event that you present a ‘threatening demeanor’ in the face of any of ours.

    Your age is completely a non-factor, for we find your male species useless from as early birth.

    We don’t build cages and call them ‘rehabilitative camps’ for anything. 

    The only thing we care to rehabilitate is the ‘consistent backward travel’ in black culture. 

    We trapped your mindsets, by giving you so many unnecessary details about our white American history; never mind knowing your ‘African Heritage’. Dispose of that urge to know of your history, because we never even printed that, never will.

    See, when we see your kids walk the streets of certain communities, our officers understand that they are suspicious until proven otherwise. We make sure to have our officers slowly creep the streets in their protected police vehicles, glaring into the eyes of your ‘loitering’ up to know good young blacks, so that they can feel in their souls – our disregard for their kind.

    We need them to grow a fueling hate for our officers; not just any hate – but a hate that even they can’t understand. A hate so deeply rooted that it transpired during their child years, so long ago, that even they have no clue where their inner disgust for our officers came from – yet they become bluntly disrespectful by mouth and action.

    We would like for more of your young men to reject our authority so that we can use our authoritative actions upon them – just hopeful once it takes a life. Your live is unwanted in this country anyways.

    We’ve never had any use for the ‘free’ you. See what we did to your biggest leaders who preached this?

    We’ve toyed with your imagination with European features of women – making you have heavy disregard for your own black women. We’ve made many of you addicted to the fair skin of a woman before being interested of any of what’s in her soul. In result, this provides your black women nothing but feelings of reject and dismissal. Many of them now feel unwanted, and become vulnerable to disease and misuse – now threatening the lives of their offspring.

    Every single hand in this game washes the next.

    It’s our cycle, your web, our relief, and your trap. 

    We will continue to work to keep it that way; hypnotizing your minds with the wants of things that are controlled by greed, pushing you further and further away from the idea of unity. Unity is your only weapon against us, and at the rate that things are going – ‘Unity shall never prosper here.’

    This satire piece was written by Chakara Conyers of Raleigh, N.C. in memory of the tragic outcome of the saddening murder of #MikeBrown of St. Louis, Missouri. Chakara is a published author, blogger, youth activist and journalist from Raleigh, N.C. To reach her email [email protected]