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What Fashion Brands Does Nicki Minaj Rap About Most? – Rap Rehab

    By Clay Anderson

    Nicki Minaj is one of the most influential people on the planet – a ubiquitous pop culture phenomenon. Since 2010, Nicki’s singles have sold more than 65 million copies, a staggering a number for any musician.

    The bottom line is that when Nicki Minaj raps, people pay attention. One of her favorite topics is fashion; Nicki frequently name-drops designer fashion brands in her lyrics, and since so many people are listening, the brands Nicki mentions benefit.

    We were curious about what fashion brands Nicki Minaj mentions most in her lyrics. We combed through all the songs from every one of Nicki Minaj’s mixtapes and studio albums. The lyrics we analyzed span from her debut mixtape Playtime is Over (2007) to her latest studio album The Pinkprint(2014).

    What brands does she mention most? How often does she reference a fashion brand? How have her tastes changed over time? These were some of the questions we wanted to answer. A picture speaks a thousands words, so we organized our findings in an infographic.

    Here are some key findings:

    • 25% of Nicki’s songs include a reference to a fashion brand
    • Louis Vuitton is the brand Nicki raps about most frequently
    • Nicki never raps about her Kmart collection…ever, ever.
    • Recently, Birkin bags have become her favorite item to rap about
    • The average price of the shoes Nicki raps about are  +1000% since 2007

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