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What is Hip-Hop?

    The people are no longer forced to emotionally inhale today’s hip-hop music in their hearts and conscious. It’s no longer ‘real rap’ but its ‘wrapped rap’ – Packaged, ready to be sold, no matter its authenticity or creator’s cred. The creation of today’s ‘hip- hop’ no longer requires pure experience; all we need is a ‘believable image to sell to the people’. “Big black n*cca, with an ice-y watch”, is a line derived from the entertainment critic’s latest dartboard Rick Ross. I could only imagine what Tupac would say about his ‘resurrection’ thru the verses of such a scripted ‘artist’- more than likely, nothing pleasant. Sadly enough, that is just one example of that ‘wrapped rap’ rapped in street and gutter influenced packaging, to sell to the people – misleading them with music that never derived from a true place, because hip hop allowed this. We often ask: What happened to real hip hop? I’ll raise that question with the stand-alone answer ‘hip hop fans did’. We never questioned the authenticity of our favorite rapper, he only looked believable and we accepted it. hip-hop is now hip-hyped , social networks and even famous ‘twee-lebs’ are channeling the fan base’s wants and desires, by helping them to choose ‘whose hot in the game’.

    Today’s hip-hop fans receive ‘gas’ from the help of high volume blog sites and celebrity cosigns, radio and such – on whose hot and who’s not. Then lists are formed, and the realest emcee is nowhere to be found – on a milk carton – a battle lost to hip-hyped. The beauty of African American women has a new script requiring the bundles of Peruvian hair, falling beneath their waist lines, in order to satisfy the male hip hop population’s sexual desires. It’s no longer hip-hop, its hip-hyped. Get a dope producer, pray his beat will move a club crowd, and ride the ‘hype’ wave for as long as you can. Even if you have no lyrical ability, and will flop all future freestyle offers in your many entertainment interviews, it’s okay. Embrace my sarcasm and follow me. This typical street mind frame has young boys following the actions of ‘trying to look rich’ before any deal. They want the success stories without the grind. Let’s not forget to add, the reality show’s ‘hip-hop assists’ as they push certain artists into the limelight in order to gain their own ‘out-of-nowhere’ new fan base. All it takes is a season of a VH1 episode to give birth to a new artist, and the world loves them like next of kin. We should all rush to hear their music, because ‘entertainment hyped us to do so’.

    Clearly, it’s all hype, but we weren’t forced. In fact, many conscious rappers work relentlessly, daily, to pump the ‘heart’ back into hip hop, but they’re getting only the minimal response. Club bangers are hyped long enough for promoters to fill their pockets up.

    Morality and ethics, even the once ‘held high’ g-code, or law of the streets, have been altered to let in the rappers with catchy hooks and no street credibility. Female emcees dwindle along the sidelines of rap. When they decide to add some plastic body accessories to their figure, is when the world will even look their way. Hip-hyped is a ‘follower culture’. There are too many ‘afraid not to stand alone’. While artists like Lupe Fiasco fight the mishaps of negative hip-hop influence through lyricism, his own brothers, own kind discourages his actions via vicious commentary. No rules for anyone else, but those like him are considered an ‘attention whores’ for humanitarian actions. Go figure, in this land of hip-hyped. This is the new land of hype we’re living in. There are no more ground rules, and the set history of hip-hop has been long forgotten about. Do something crazy, go against the rules, find your popularity table at the social network’s cafeteria and maybe you’ll be hyped.

    Only problem with this new land of hip-hype will continue to self-destruct, mashing up all the leftovers of real hip-hop, until they no longer exists. It will wipe away all of the genre’s structure, and create a place of foolery. Welcome to world of hype.