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Who Is The Prince Of Reggae?

    The artist known as The Prince of Reggae, or Jah Cure, is one of Jamaica’s favourite sons; a talented musician from an early age, despite major setbacks he has found fame and success around the world.

    From the story behind the stage name to the time behind bars protesting his innocence, his past is what makes Jah Cure such a fascinating character.

    Keep reading to find out where he began, what motivates his success and how Jah Cure has overcome the setbacks that life has thrown his way.

    Starting out

    Jah Cure, the ‘Prince of Reggae’ was born on October 11th 1978 in Hanover Jamaica in the northwest of the island and was christened Siccaturie Alcock. The love of music was instilled at him at an early age, and the artist claims to have been a fan of reggae since the time he was three years old.

    It wasn’t long before the young Siccaturie Alcock, not yet Jah Cure, was sneaking out of his bedroom window at night to indulge in his love of music, visiting local dancehalls and stage shows while still underage.

    As a teenaer he saw greats like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Burning Spear perform live, and at an early age had decided that he wanted to join the ranks of the reggae greats.

    Before he started to use the stage name Jah Cure, Alcock performed under the name Little Melody, and had begun to make his name on the music scene by the tender age of 15, when he moved to Kingston.

    Jah Cure – where does it come from?

    There’s always a story behind a stage name, but the way that Alcock became Jah Cure is a story that’s particularly worth telling.

    After moving to Kingston, the young artist, still performing as Little Melody, befriended Capleton, a fellow artist who is both well respected in the dancehall scene and an active proponent of Rastafarianism.

    At the time that they met, Jah Cure was smoking a lot of marijuana (a staple of the Rastafari religion), and Capleton bestowed upon him the name Jah Cure because he looked young and healthy. Capleton declared that he was ‘well preserved’ and must have been ‘cured’ by his habit.

    The nickname stuck with the young Jamaican artist, and he’s been known as such ever since.

    Jah Cure Music

    The first big break for Jah Cure came in 1997 when he released King in this Jungle, produced by Beres Hammond, with fellow artist Sizzla. Beres went on to become something of a mentor for the young reggae artist, and under his tutelage Jah Cure released a string of successful hits, while making a name for himself in Jamaica and beyond.

    In 1998, Jah Cure was arrested in Montego Bay and was prosecuted for the firearm in his possession. The artist was given a sentence of 15 years and was jailed in the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre. In this penitentiary there was a recording studio available for use by inmates, and it was in this way that Jah Cure continued to produce and release music throughout his time in jail.

    On his release in 2007 after serving 8 years of his sentence, Jah Cure released a new album entitled True Reflections… A New Beginning. Following his release, Jah Cure stated that his goal in life was, “to spread love and to promote peace and healing universally through his music.”

    Since he gained his freedom, Jah Cure has released four successful albums, including The Cure in 2015. This album topped the reggae charts in the first week of its release, and went on to win Jah Cure a Grammy award for Best Reggae Album.

    Jah Cure’s melodious songs and relaxed beats make him an ideal choice as entertainment at all sorts of events. The Jah Cure agent is MN2S, and he can be booked for anything from an intimate gig to a club night or endorsement.