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Why Black Votes Matter

    Black lives don’t matter…but Black votes sure do.

    I’m not a “berner” supporter of Bernie Sanders. However, as a minority American voter, his platform aligns closely with my politics. The first plank of his platform addresses income and wealth inequality.

    As a minority, I can personally confirm that income and wealth inequality has hurt me and other minorities more than it has White America. In 2014, the Pew Research Center reported that wealth inequality has widened along racial and ethnic lines since the end of the great recession of 2007. White households median wealth is 13 times that of the median wealth of African American households and over 10 times that of the median Hispanic household.

    You know, I keep hearing that minority neighborhoods are more violent and that minorities are more prone to crime. While it pisses me off…it’s true…but not because minorities have some magical piece of DNA that makes them more violent. It pisses me off because it’s a direct result of the racist income inequality minority Americans experience.

    In 2002, the World Bank published piece in the University of Chicago’s Journal of Law and Economics called: “Inequality and Violent Crime.” The authors investigated the relationship between income inequality and increased violent crime.  What they found is that when income inequality increases…so does violent crime.

    The violent crime in our neighborhoods is manufactured.

    Oppressive and racist policies created a lack of economic opportunity and as people became more desperate to survive…they naturally became more violent. This relationship has been known in the United States since 2002.

    Yet, not a single Democratic Presidential candidate in the last 20 years, prior to Bernie, has his experience in fighting income inequality or the racism that continues to promote it. Bernie not only demonstrated on the streets, shoulder to shoulder with minorities, he took his beliefs with him to the Congress and continued the fight.

    Bernie’s fight for equality is our fight. Minorities can no longer afford to tolerate some groups being more equal than others while our causes continue to be ignored.

    Everyone’s touting Hillary as the Black Lives candidate. Yet, I have to ask: when has she allowed Black Lives Matters members to speak at any event she’s attended? Further, Hillary’s true colors were embraced back in 1994 when she supported a controversial crime bill that continues to hurt minorities today. Hillary referred to minority children in gangs “super predators” who need to be brought to heel.

    While everyone seems nostalgic about how wonderful former President Clinton was, Former NAACP president Ben Jealous, back in April 2016, called for Clinton to apologize for welfare policies that caused “twice as many Americans living in extreme poverty as we did 20 years ago.”

    Black lives in America haven’t improved, they’ve suffered under corporately sponsored racist policies.

    Sure, you may tell me about Hillary parading the “Mothers of the Movement” on the stage at the DNC, or her tweets in support of minority lives…but those things are just cheap theater meant to gain votes…not protect lives. On the ground, Hillary cannot point to a single action she’s taken to support protecting black lives…she’s all talk.

    If Hillary truly supported Black Lives, her campaign would’ve already created speaking events where she would go to ground zero and condemn police brutality and racist murders of Black Americans.

    Almost all of us who live the minority American experience daily have seen systemic racism prevent us from succeeding in both education and the workforce. The Democratic party tells us they will fight for our rights and provide us with true equality. However, they can’t even run their own primary campaign without dirty tricks right out of the racist GOP and Big Business playbooks.

    Wikileaks demonstrated the DNC colluded with major media and the Clinton Campaign to set up Bernie Sanders to fail. Clinton even had moles in the Sanders campaign. Further, Sanders actually won the first delegate roll call at the DNC, but it was suppressed. At least one Sanders Delegate had his credentials stripped for opposing TPP. Sanders supporters even reported that their pro Sanders signs were seized by DNC officials.

    Now a report from Election Justice USA, “Democracy Lost, A Report on the Fatally Flawed 2016 Democratic Primaries” found that Sanders lost 184 delegates due to Election Fraud.

    All of these facts amount to violations of Federal election laws.

    Sanders and his supporters now know what it’s like to be subjected to the  discrimination that minority Americans in the United States live with daily. So while Obama says Don’t boo, Vote, my response to Obama is: We tried that, and your party silenced us.

    To the rest of you: This is the civil rights fight of our generation and now is the time to act. Make your voices heard both on social media and in the streets. Contact your elected officials and call for them to condemn the corrupt Democratic National Convention and the rigged primaries.

    For myself, I started a petition for Hillary to concede the nomination to Sanders, as he should’ve won. I’m not saying everyone should support Sanders…but we should support the rightful victor.

    You can view it here.

    It’s time for all of us to stand up and protect our Democracy, because if we don’t, no one will.


    Independent writer, Bob Lewis is a father of four, grandfather of two, who lives in Washington State.

    These articles express my opinions and mine alone, I appreciate that others sometimes have similar views and may have done their homework in areas where I have not not.  Thus, instead of recreating the wheel, when I cite and/or use someone else’s information I will either credit them in a reference section at the end of my article, or hotlink directly to their information in the body itself.

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