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Why Investing in a Music Company Makes Sense – Rap Rehab

    Why you need a music company in your investment portfolio. 

    With the ever changing globalisation landscape, music is constantly being exported/imported. BET for example has had to introduce a Best International Act Africa category won by Davido in 2014 as afro beat has crossed international borders The UK music market has also seen in fair share of Afro-Beat hits with Fuse-ODG leading the storm.

    Music genres are also crossing cultures, hophop in my opinion has seen it adopted across continents. From Accra to Amsterdam and Brooklyn to Bombay. This shift has improved it, seeing both the roots and modern come together. The change is not only evident in Hiphop but in reggae with Damian Marley with features alongside Skrillex.

    So why should a music company be first in your investment portfolio.

    The music industry is no longer ‘elitist’– Over the previous year’s record labels have seen their influence fall. Firstly, it’s no longer the record labels that are searching for the musicians, the tables have turned. It’s the artists who now hold the considerable amount of power with regards to music relations.

    The export/import of culture– As mentioned above the world is considerably globalised, with statistics of more than 2 million people living outside their country of origin. Cultures are bound to integrate, the mutual appreciation leading to creation of new genres of music or a mix of the two. The intro to Bastille’s ‘Pompeii’ could be traced to Mbube, a South African vocal style of music.

    The ability to for the company to evolve– MTV, is no longer regarded as a music channel other than a reality TV channel. From shows such Geordie Shore, The Valleys and Catfish. MTV still maintains its musical dominance with the MTV Music awards and dominance over TV with the MTV Movie awards. The potential is limitless in today’s world. Shodement has seen itself come from a freelancer based company and now developing its own TV series.

    Be part of this change– With the two points mentioned above, this revolution in music has begun and as an investor the support given could create the same results that created companies like Souncloud, Spotify, Beats by Dre and Songkick. Plus the risk is a worthwhile venture.

    Jay La Musica.

    Founder and CEO of Shodement, which is a music company that reached over 102,000+ views on their website, 250,000+ views on YouTube and 20,000+ followers on social media.