By Paul Porter

In a world that is guided by big corporations, bling and the consistent dumbed downed hip hop cycles. Rap Rehab is not. Our mission is to break that culture mold of the corporately controlled, mind changing game called the Music Business, Rap Rehab is non-conformist.

Gone are the ads that make you align yourself with puppet driven projects. Being a part of the process on most levels, mutes your voice and financially distorts your opinion on everything that should be said. Rap Rehab’s creation was the total opposite on why most music businesses even exist.

The ability to speak truth, backed with knowledge based facts are now the exception, not the rule. Consumers have been trained in recent music history that artistry is all about perception, not art.

Corporate Hip Hop has fallen for the bait: release dates have the familiar pre-cursor of beef, fake news headlines or systematic cosigns prior to every big release. While the web promised more sources, most are merely sourceless.

Rap Rehab is tired of the stories of beat downs and the fake up lifts. The normal biggest Bugatti car story, to the same  five rappers ruling the game like it’s a talent-coincedence, not today’s pay for play tiny target called radio.

Blog this, Blog that, the internet  has been co-opted and corporatized. The bigger and blacker the site, the same corporate ties are connecting the dots, just like they did to Def Jam and the underground.

Big businesses has a way to come after you if speak to loud. Rap Rehab continues to grow every day. Our journey continues.

At Rap Rehab all music business, all truth, all the time.