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Why Social Justice Warriors Don't Rep Civil Rights

    This is going to be a bitter pill for some to swallow. However, it needs to be said and it’s long overdue.

    When civil rights first became a movement in the 1950s and the 1960s…it wasn’t a broad issue movement. This civil rights movement was initiated by African Americans to confront the many racial injustices their communities suffered. African Americans started to protest against racial segregation, societal disenfranchisement, racially motivated violence, and financial exploitation.

    These issues were so severe that even non African Americans who associated with them were targeted with the same bigotry blacks faced.

    While there were some notable exceptions, the majority of the protests were peaceful and non-violent. These often took the form of sit-ins, freedom rides on buses, marches, and voter registration drives to increase African American voter turnouts. Generally, the three main goals of these actions were as follows: Firstly, the ending of segregation. This didn’t just include segregation in communities generally…but segregation in all aspect of American life…from riding buses, to college campuses and everything in between. Until this time period, there were businesses that refused to serve the African American community and many even barred them from their premises. Secondly, they worked to end racially motivated violence. African Americans were violently targeted for the crime of speaking out against racism. However, it went even further than that. The racial violence was so commonplace that it seemed like any issue an African American spoke in favor of was often met with violence. Finally, they worked for equality of opportunity for African Americans when it came to employment and other financial matters…such as purchasing a home.

    While some African Americans did hate white people, many civil rights leaders of the time realized that without the buy in of white America, the African American civil rights movement would fail. Like today, white America outnumbered blacks five to one. In fact, the only reason that the civil rights movement during this time succeeded is because African Americans and whites found common ground and worked together to end the bigotry that minorities in the United States were facing.

    Fast forward to today.

    We’re a nation just as divided today as we were in the 1950s and 1960s.  Racism is just as strong today as it was over 50 years ago…and it shows no signs of going away. However, this time…it’s different.

    Instead of whites being racist against minorities and people of conscience coming together to oppose it, people of conscience have been deluded to the point where now they oppose each other.


    It’s because Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have become just as bigoted as the most extreme elements of white racism. Instead of peaceful protests and keeping the moral high ground in their protest actions…SJWs are showing up to rallies with violent mobs armed with weapons and improvised bombs for the express purpose of destroying public institutions and committing unprovoked acts of violence against white people and heterosexuals who disagree with them.

    Instead of finding common ground to oppose bigotry…Social Justice Warriors have divided the civil rights movement more than white racists ever could. As a result…white racists sit back and laugh as the SJW movement continues to cannibalize and destroy itself.

    SJWs did this through the creation of a systemic victim olympics to divide themselves within their movement by their perceived oppression. It’s gotten so bad that white civil rights activists that oppose racism are being targeted for hatred by minority civil rights activists. Male feminists who oppose misogyny are getting targeted by female feminists. Healthy social justice warriors are being targeted by disabled social justice warriors.

    Then there’s the trans movement within the SJW movement. Even though there is zero support in biology for mammals being born the wrong sex. Regardless, the Trans movement has taken hold. Biology has long told us that gender is determined by DNA. However, the trans movement thinks that gender can be changed whenever someone feels like it. It’s gotten so ridiculous that now people are thinking they are cats instead of humans. A middle aged man thinks he’s a six year old girl. Even more insane is the subgroup within this group who thinks that there are more than two genders. Perfectly healthy people are now calling themselves transabled…with some even inflicting horrific injuries on themselves because they feel they should be disabled. We now even have people who believe their transracial…like Rachel Dolezal a caucasian woman who thinks she’s African American.

    While any rational person would think this insane…they’d be right. Psychologists have long known this was the mental illness of body dysmorphic disorder…a form of delusion. Yet, governments are now passing laws to enable these mental illnesses even further.

    More frightening is the realization that social justice warriors support the same bigoted beliefs of white supremacists. They want segregation in the form of safe spaces in college campuses and elsewhere…just like white supremacists. They’ve targeted people outside their subset within the social justice movement…including interracial relationships…just like white supremacists. They’ve targeted whites for unprovoked violence and discrimination…just like white supremacists targeted minorities. Finally, they’ve targeted anyone who disagrees with them by attempting to censor their freedom of speech…just like white supremacists have tried in the past. Social justice warriors want equality of outcomes…not equality of opportunity. However, history demonstrated a long time ago that this is impossible. It’s been tried with communism and horribly failed.

    It’s time to return to sanity and stop the Social Justice Movement from further destroying civil rights even further. Civil Rights Activists of conscience know that in order to oppose bigotry, we need to find a common ground of ethical people of all races and walks of life to stand together to oppose bigotry wherever we find it…whether it’s neo nazis, or social justice warriors.

    If we don’t…our society will suffer for it.