If a convicted child predator opened up a daycare center in your neighborhood, you most likely would be upset or enraged.  As I  glanced at my Facebook timeline, watching countless comments on the BET Honors show, I too was upset and enraged.  I’m sad knowing a network that for 364 days a year, promotes the exact opposite programming then the folks they honored Monday evening. This current culture of ours often supports corporate predators who prey on our misguided youth, disguised as black entertainment.

Here are a few reasons why I feel the BET Honors are full of __it:

  • The BET Honors is a great way to bamboozle a large audience of viewers that assume the network cares about history or honor. The Honors show is a great way to garner an adult audience that never watches the network.
  • The BET Honors is a two hour broadcast to honor those that the network doesn’t air in the other 8764 hours in a year.
  • The BET Honors is the best way to silence critics, pundits and the misguided activist/lecturer. The red carpet, great parties and the thought of possible futire considerations, is enough to have doubters jumping on the BET bandwagon.
  • Smokey Robinson, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson’s performances are a great substitute for the ratchet Rick Ross and 2 Chainz.
  • Honoring Carrie Mae Weems is a terrific way to support a great African American artist for a network that shuns art and history. Kudos to Debra Lee and Stephen Hill.


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